the table of doom

When I was teaching improvisation classes at the Muscian’s Institute, I came up with a table with one of the classes to help understand that knowing all these scales and chords is really about options and tonal colors.  A minor chord is still a minor chord, but you can change the scale and change the entire color of your solo by understanding all your options.  Here is a table to sum up what my blog has dealt with thus far:

Major Chords:

You can play 1) ionian, 2) lydian, 3)  I/I major pentatonic, 4)  V/I major pent, 5)  IV/I major pent, 6)  II/I major pent (lydian sound), and 7) lydian augmented, 8)  III/I major pent b6

Minor chords:

You can play 1) dorian, 2) aeolian, 3) phrygian (this one is to be used over mostly static chords and definately sparingly), 4) melodic minor (for one chords), 5)  bIII/I major pent, 6)  bVII/I major pent, 7)  IV/I major pent (dorian sound), 8)  bVI/I major pent (aeolian sound), 9)  bII/I major pent (phrygian sound), 10) V/I major pent b6, 11) minor pentatonic

Dominant chords:

1) mixolydian, 2) altered, 3) lydian dominant, 4) whole tone, 5) auxillary diminished (half-whole scale), 6) I/I major pent, 7) IV/I major pent, 8)  bVII/I major pent, 9) bVI/I major pent b6 (altered), 10) II/I major pent b6 (lydian dominant), 11) minor pentatonic (for blues)

Minor seven flat 5 chords:

1) locrian 2) super locrian 3) bII/I major pent 4) bVI/I major pent 5) bV/I major pent 6) bVII/I major pent b6

As you can see, each chord offers a wide range of choices, and each choice has its own color, which gives you endless possibilities for putting a solo together.  Enjoy!


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  1. severnyproductions Says:

    To true, i’ve learnt that through experimenting

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