Diminished scale fun

Actually, the diminished scale most commonly used in jazz is called the auxiliary diminished scale.  It’s really the second mode of a diminished scale.  A normal diminished scale is eight notes and goes whole step, half step, whole step, half step until you reach the octave.  It’s Yngwie’s favorite scale!  The auxiliary diminished scale goes half step, whole step, etc…

The way you use this scale is on a chord that looks like: X13b9.  Actually any dominant 13 flat 9 chord is pretty much a guaranty to use this scale.  It’s a nice substitution over any dominant 7 chord.

Let’s take C13b9.  The aux diminished scale that goes with this is: C Db Eb E F# G A Bb.  This scale is such a nice choice because it gets the natural 5th, the flat 9, the dominant 7, and the thirteenth (A) that are all important parts of the sound of the chord.  This scale would also sound nice over a C7 chord.

To transpose, just take start from the root of the chord and play half step, whole step…


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