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New album coming soon

Posted in band shows, electronic music, music, rock, sound design on January 6, 2013 by finerethan


We finished our new album and are very excited.  It will be available on iTunes in the coming weeks.  For now, you can hear 3 songs at


new gig footage

Posted in band shows, bass, jazz, lessons, music, music theory, rock, scales, soloing on April 20, 2009 by finerethan

I had 7 gigs in 3 days, so I haven’t had much time to write.  Here’s some gig footage.  You’ll see my strategically placed foot keeping the bass drum in place for most of the show.  The bass solo is over E to C to Dmin, which is a perfect opportunity to use E spanish phrygian: E F G# A B C D, which gives you the essentials of those three chords.  You’ll hear me switching the G# to a G over the C chord to stay in the key, and sometimes playing the G# over the C, just to get a little outside.  Enjoy!

another way to look at the minor 7 flat 5 chord

Posted in band shows, bass, jazz, lessons, music, music theory, rock, scales, soloing on April 8, 2009 by finerethan

Minor seven flat 5 chords function as the ii chord in a minor ii V i.  The “usual” scale is to play locrian, but it has too many ugly notes in it that you have to be careful of.  The hip choice is to play superlocrian, or locrian #2.  The scale has many names, but it always means a locrian scale with a raised 2nd, or really since locrian has a b2, it really means a locrian scale with a natural 2nd.  This choice gets rid of some of the ugly and makes a hip natural 9 sound.

Let’s take Dm7b5.  D locrian would be spelled: D Eb F G Ab Bb C D.  D super locrian would be spelled: D E F G Ab Bb C D; so you change one note between the two.  Incidentally, this scale is the sixth mode of F melodic minor, so if you want to look at it like F melodic minor starting on the sixth degree, be my guest.

To continue with our major pent b6 idea, you would play bVII/I, in this case C major pent b6 over Dm7b5.  This gives you C D E G Ab, which gives you the flat seven, the root, the major 2nd, the fourth, and the flat five: all important notes to superlocrian.

To transpose, just keep thinking bVII/I.  So for Fm7b5, play Eb major pent b6.